PR/Media Relations:

W. Public Relations directs all client publicity, consumer awareness, brand image and media outreach. We serve as the point of contact for clients and media during red carpet and special events. We are experienced at developing and distributing press kits, press releases, and media tip sheets. We utilize TV, radio, print media, social media, and blogs to promote clients brand awareness, releases and project involvement.


We offer marketing coordination to small businesses and lifestyle brands. We seek access to local marketing opportunities and establish personal relationships within the local community with direct marketing tactics. We oversee fundraising incentives, as well as group sales. We assist with coordinating event booking at client’s establishments. We oversee the company’s social media and marketing efforts via E-Blast, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

 Crisis Management:

W. Public Relations is fully capable of acting in a professional and effective manner when responding to a possible PR Crisis situation.  We will act diligently to help resolve the matter at a quick pace, resulting in a peaceful state of mind for our clients.  Our obligation is to oversee the progression of the client brand and professionally maintain a favorable public image for our clients.


In addition to:

-Write and distribute press releases

-Media outreach including newspapers, magazines, broadcasts and blogs

-Execute prospective sponsorship and branding opportunities

-Conduct creative meetings with clients

-Serve as a liaison between clients, media and other individuals among the clients profession

-Assist with organizing client events

-Publicize client news stories and features to the public

-Supervise a possible PR crisis situation

-Serve as the point of contact between clients and the media during red carpet and special events

-Promote clients brand awareness, releases, and project involvement via blogs and other social sites


[EVENT RECAP:] NFL Player Usama Young’s Stay Focused Weekend: Kickoff Reception!

July 9, 2013

[EVENT RECAP:] NFL Player Usama Young’s Stay Focused Weekend: Kickoff Reception!

Friday, June 21, NFL player Usama Young of the Oakland Raiders, hosted a private Welcome Reception to kickoff his 5TH Annual Stay Focused Charity Weekend 2013 at The Gaylord National Harbor Resort.  The Usama Young Stay Focus Weekend serves as a vehicle for building athletic skills and fostering positive academic and social skills through sports. Joining Usama in welcoming his NFL Friends to the Nation’s Capital were SVEDKA Vodka as the hosting bar sponsor, along with Future Generation Clothing and MCMXXI1920 Bowties as the official players “swagg bag” sponsors. READ MORE